Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cadbury Strawberries and Cream

SNACK: Strawberries & Cream.
I've already covered on this blog how much I love a limited edition variety, especially when it's totally different from anything else available.  I found this block at Brookside Woolworths a little while ago, but I believe it has spread to most supermarkets now.

When I bought it the block happened to be on sale for $2.99 which I think is pretty darn good for a block of mid-range filled chocolate.  I think Cadbury are trying to make this part of the Snack range as it's got Snack printed above the name.

The centre is actually flowing, left alone it oozes.
It's a milk chocolate block of shaped squares held together on a flat base.  The squares alternate flavours, one strawberry, one cream, with two of each flavour in a row.  The columns going down are all the same flavour which I imagine would be to keep the manufacturing process simple.

The chocolate is good, it's standard Cadbury Dairy Milk which interestingly I've found to be sweeter than the UK Cadbury which tastes kinda bland to me.  The strawberry filling is great! Exactly the same as the strawberry piece in the regular Snack version, sweet and sugary with a nice strawberry flavour.  The cream square is very vanilla in flavour though oddly lacks a scent which I found disconcerting.  It has the same texture as the strawberry flavour, a sugary grain that is pleasant.

I couldn't eat too much of this in one go as it is quite sweet but I'd definitely buy it again.  Irritatingly it's not featured on the Cadbury Australia webpage, but then neither is the other limited edition flavour available solely at IGA Supermarkets at the moment, Tropical Pineapple.

The Final Verdict: 4 - Absolutely recommend this! Sweet and pleasant with great subtle flavours.

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