Sunday, September 12, 2010

Interesting Japanese Candies

Weird Japanese Candy!
Honestly I know nothing about either of these candies, I can tell you that one is hard and the other chewy and they're both fruity but that's about it.

I was given them through Swap-bot and they are mega cute!  Both Hello Kitty branded, which I do love!

Bad sticky candies! Bad!
This one tasted of pineapple a bit, kinda of like tropical juice with extra pineapple in it.  There is a pineapple and I think a banana on the side of the tin, and lots of Japanese writing!  There is also the words 'lips candy' maybe that's the name?  Possibly?  Who knows, they were tasty but very sharp in flavour and they made my mouth hurt after eating a few.

What really bugged me was how a few days after opening we had a lot of rain and the sheer humidity made all the candies stick together in one big clump even though they had been dusted with sugar AND the container was closed.

Awww, Kitty has a friend.
The second one is a little cardboard box, again Hello Kitty themed with silver wrapped chewy candies inside.  There's also a Hello Kitty sticker, I think the idea is you collect the stickers.  Anyway the sweets are a mild yellowy colour and smell sweet.  They also taste fruity but they're much milder, it's not orange, it might be mango but I don't think so.  I think it's probably a fruit mix, it tastes like it has pineapple notes with a bit of lemon and a creamy taste, good though.

The Final Verdict: 2 - The flavours are vague, nothing stands out in a definite way and the tin of hard candies sticking together is a big boo-boo in my books when it comes to candy, it generally means the container doesn't seal correctly or firmly enough.

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