Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pretzel M & M's

I always like products that faced with their success decide to become mad with power and start pumping out different variations in order to maximise both their dominance and their profit.  Most of the time it doesn't work, I direct the jury to view exhibit A 'New Coke' of the 1980's.  It's nice to see when a company brings out new flavours and variations I'm interested to try.

M & M's are produced by Mars, you know the people with the planet named after their bar?  Anyway back in the 1940's Forrest Mars Sr was trying to figure out how to stop soldier's chocolate from melting, seemed that a colourful and tasty candy shell was the order of the day, so he teamed up with fellow chocolate entrepreneur William F. R. Murrie, President at the time of Hershey's Chocolates.  Figured out why they're called M & M's yet?

Anyway, fast forward 60 odd years and the original candy is still a hit.  But now with fun new flavours!  Regionally speaking there are over a dozen flavours available dependent on where you live.  Australia has things like mint, orange and crispy.  America has options like wild cherry, coconut and the topic of today's post, pretzel.

I got these in another swap, a private swap this time so the person knew to specifically get me things.  I got a very big bag (even though the bag says 'medium') of pretzel M & M's and even after travelling for two weeks in the post they were in perfect condition (Forrest can rest assured his plan worked).

Upon opening the bag they have a very distinct scent, different to the Aussie M & M's, much more cocoa sort of smell.  Pleasant though.  Pretzel M & M's are also HUGE.  About the size of a malteaser, but heavier.  They're incredibly easy to eat, the shell is slightly thicker than I'm used to but whether that's an American thing or specific to the pretzel variety I don't know.  There's a good layer of chocolate underneath, could be thicker but I'm not complaining.  Then comes the best bit, a solid ball of very crisp salty pretzel.

Now in my experience either you love salty/sweet candy or you don't.  I was introduced to the concept late in life, but it turns out I LOVE IT.  These pretzels are so morish, I had to put the packet away!  They also got the thumbs up from family members, M, E and B, which is encouraging as none of them have nearly the adventurous candy palate that I possess.

The Final Verdict: 4 - Tasty!  Mr Mars should be pleased with his legacy, I would love to receive these again.  Sadly I doubt they'll become available in Australia as the sweet/salty thing never really took off here.  Hence why I have to put my own chocolate into my popcorn at the movies.


  1. I must try these! They sound absolutely delicious!

  2. They look amazing! I think I am going to have to do some requesting.