Wednesday, October 13, 2010


These are too bizarre for words.  I received two large packets of these in quick succession and as almost at a loss as to what to do with them.  They are definitely a love or hate confection.  I was very confused by these at first, but a quick bit of Googling managed to set me straight.

The offending candy.
The story with these guys is basically a little (inedible, go figure) wax container holding a fruity juice type liquid inside.  Note here that I say 'juice type liquid' and not fruit juice, because to be fair I am unaware of a fruit that will produce neon blue juice.  Most of the juice flavours, red, orange, green, yellow and blue, taste fairly similar a vague tropical-y sort of experience.

The wax container itself is a totally different experience, it's shaped like a bottle and honestly has the same texture as candle wax or maybe dental wax.  It is completely non-toxic and I'm sure it wouldn't kill you if you swallowed some but I'm also not convinced that it would become lodged in your lower colon requiring medical intervention.

Eating these was tricky, you have to bite the top off enough to get the juice out without squirting yourself or swallowing the wax top you've just bitten off.  It's not a candy for polite company.

What fruit makes that colour juice?
The name apparently originates from the price that they were original sold for (a nickel) and the method by which you access the juice by removing the top (nip).

The Final Verdict: ? - They're just too weird!  I mean seriously, an inedible container holding fake fruit juice?  What were you smoking?  The taste is okay, except for the wax and there's a lot of wax.

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