Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garoto Chocolate

I got a parcel today, well two actually. Through the Swap-Bot website, which I totes recommend if you're into receiving parcels in the mail and are willing to put in a bit of effort to send some yourself.

This was a international baking swap, send something local like a packet mix or spice mix to someone else in the world. Now the thing is my profile lists my candy obsession quite blatantly and I think the lovely young lady who sent me this parcel picked up on that (she'd have to be blind not to). So included in my parcel along with the Pao de Quejio mix and sprinkles she sent me were a variety of local Brazilian candies. The packet that most interested me? The chocolate!

I recieved five mini 'fun size' blocks, with different flavours. Now my Brazilian is a little shaky, or non-existant whichever, so I had to sort of guess the flavours based on the photos. I believe I received, a fruit and nut, a milk chocolate almond, a milk chocolate hazelnut, a white chocolate cashew and a dark chocolate cashew and honey.

Now, I am a bit of a chocolate snob, I feel with the effort that goes into making it you shouldn't settle for crap. In Australia we have the usual eating chocolate which does usually have some additives aside from the normal chocolate ingredients. Having said that I really like Australian chocolate, we also have upmarket brands that I am particularly fond of. I also like candies like Hershey and consider it chocolate.

These unfortunately were more like compound chocolate, you know the type, mainly used in baking unlikely to contain any real chocolate and heavily laden with vegetable fat. Most of the flavours lacked any real cocoa flavour and sort to stuck with the vaguely sweet feel. I also disliked that the nuts had all been diced very small, I prefer nuts in chocolate and candy to retain it's shape and be distinctively different to the chocolate as a whole.

The Final Verdict: 2 - Fun to try but I wouldn't buy it.

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