Friday, August 27, 2010

Sweetcorn KitKat

I love KitKats! In Australia we have the regular four fingered ones and the KitKat chunky, the latter comes in a few different flavours like caramel, cookies and cream, and cookie dough. Nestle who produce the local KitKats often bring out limited edition flavours there used to be a dark chocolate mint flavour which was awesome!

As many candy lovers know the Japanese have some fabulous candy options, and their KitKats are no exception featuring rotational flavours they come as delicious as Blueberry Cheesecake to as weird as Wasabi or Soy Sauce.

My first introduction the the funky world of Japanese KitKats was a four fingered variety brought back for me on a whim by a friend. I had asked for Lindt 99% Cocoa which I had heard about for someone else. Not only did I get two blocks of the Lindt (which by the way is not for the faint hearted!) but I was also given a carrot and apple juice KitKat. It was odd. But spurred me on to try more!

Fastforward another 12 months and another friend was travelling to Japan, I mentioned the KitKats as more of a recommendation that he should try some over there but to my delight he also brought back a packet for me!

This packet is the style often sold to students to give to one another to wish good luck on exams, it's something to do with what KitKat translates to in Japanese, something like 'surely you will win' maybe someone who knows more Japanese than me could help?

Anyway I'm burbling again. The KitKat! It was Sweetcorn flavour, and like the one I had previously it's totally.... odd. It's a white chocolate KitKat with vanilla wafers and a sweetcorn creme sandwiched between. It tastes very distinctly of sweetcorn with a strong buttery aftertaste of the white chocolate.

It was very fresh and this was even after travelling from Japan to Australia and then hanging out in my brother's apartment for a few weeks as the friend passed it to him to pass to me.

The Final Verdict: 3 - It was actually tasty, but just weird. Tastes just like sweetcorn but the texture was wrong. Having said that I'm not sorry I tried it and it seriously encourages me to try others.


  1. sounds intriguing!

    I know it's clich├ęd but i'd like to see a review of candy corn. i've never had it, but it's in so many childhood movies. oh the memories haha.

    ps. 99% cocoa, bitter as all hell?


  2. Oh the Lindt was SO bitter, it's still in the fridge. It comes with tasting notes, and basically you're supposed to eat Lindt 70%, then the Lindt 85% and then the 99%. I haven't tried it that way though.