Monday, August 30, 2010

Werther's Chocolate Eclair

Mmmmm, who likes caramel?  Who likes chocolate?  Together?  Yes, tasty!  These were all the thoughts running through my brain as I picked out the Werther's Chocolate Eclairs off the shelf at the supermarket.  Honestly I picked them up for a few reasons, the delicious chocolately caramelly experience I was being promised, the fact that it was a new product and it was on sale.  Yes that's right, my candy consumption is often dictated by what's on sale.  These only cost me $1.99 which I consider quite good given the price of chocolate and candy over here.

The packet was a good size for the price and felt reasonably full which was nice, the packet was annoyingly difficult to get into without my trusty kitchen scissors but maybe that's a positive as it stops certain family members getting into my candy.  Maybe.

Inside the toffees were invidiually wrapped, a big plus in my books.  Nothing like getting a hard or semi hard candy only to find that a teensy bit of moisture has gotten in and stuck the whole bunch together because they aren't wrapped individually.

Each little candy is about the size of a large pellet and the same sort of shape.  The wrapper was easy to remove, a little twist off style.  And then the deliciousness began, smooth soft yet chewy caramel with a chocolatey centre.  It's easy to eat these candies several ways, either sucking until part gave way to access the chocolate or biting straight through were my two favourites.

This type of candy will travel well and store well which is plus and each one is as uniformly the same as the others.

The Final Verdict: 4 -  I really like these, in fact I was in the same store a few days after first buying them and almost picked up another packet even though they weren't on sale.  Only thing that stopped me was Cadbury had new products out.  I know I will buy these again, and porbably soon.                       

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